iPhone 7 and iOS 10 jailbreak IS possible, but you won’t be able to use it anytime soon

HACKER reveals that there is a way to crack and jailbreak iPhone 7 and its iOS 10 software, but it may not be around for long.

Apple’s latest smartphone and mobile software may not be quite as secure as previously thought.

Both the iPhone 7 and the iOS 10 software that runs on the device can be hacked to run other forms of software, reports have claimed.

However any users looking to do so have been warned that the flaw may not exist for much longer.

The hack, known as ‘jailbreaking’, was revealed by 19-year-old hacker Lucas Todesco.

Speaking to Motherboard, Todesco said that he achieved the jailbreak in less than 24 hours, and uplaoded video and photo evidence to prove his claim.

Jailbreaking a smartphone removes certain restrictions put on the device by its manufacturer, giving root access to the depths of the iOS system itself.

This then allows the user to download and install apps, extensions and themes than are not typically available through the iOS App Store.

Todesco said that Apple had definitely made jailbreaking the iPhone 7 and iOS 10 harder than ever.

He noted, “Kudos for the iPhone 7. They have again chnaged the rules of the game”.

However, Todesco will not be releasing his jailbreak to the public, at least until Apple patches the vulnerability he discovered, saying that he will now work on smoothing out the process and spotting other bugs in the software.

Apple is already beta testing iOS 10.1, meaning that this could be sooner than later.

The Upgrade of MacPro

Apple has increased both the processing power and the memory of its laptop for professionals range. Moreover it has also lowered the price of the non-Retina Display laptop model.

The models featuring a Retina display have double memory and a more powerful and long lasting battery. In the case of the 13 inches versions this means eight gigabytes in place of the previous four gigabytes of Random Access Memory.

All the 13 and the 15 inch laptops benefited from the latest upgrade and therefore both the performance and the life of the battery will definitely receive an impulse. The laptops having a smaller Retina display are equipped with a dual-core processor of the Intel Core i5 type. This processor has a power of 2.8 gigahertz and an extra Turbo Boost that arrives to 3.3 gigahertz. The bigger laptops have processor of the quad-core Intel Core i7 type which has 2.5 gigahertz and a Turbo Boost which can reach up to 3.7 gigahertz.

The electronics company does not give up its prices so easily. Thus, the MacBook Pro Retina Display having 13 inch can be purchased at the price of the 1299 US dollars. If the user is willing to pay the price then he/she will have at its disposal a processor of the dual-core Intel Core i5 type having 2.6 gigahertz which can reach 3.1 gigahertz with the help of the Turbo Boost, eight gigabytes for the RAM and 128 gigabytes for storage. The buyer will also have the Intel Iris graphics.

If the buyers are willing to pay 700 US dollars more, they can get the MacBook Pro with Retina Display having 15 inches. This version has a processor of the quad-core Intel Core i7 type having 2.2 gigahertz. The Turbo Boost allows the reach of 3.4 gigahertz. The 15 inch version has a memory equal to 16 gigabytes, storage of about 256 gigabytes and obviously the Iris Pro Graphics produced by Intel.

Apple has reduced the price for its 15 inch model. This version has a quad-core processors of the Intel Core i7 type with 2.5 gigahertz. The Turbo Speed allows in this case the reach of 3.7 gigahertz. The device has a Random Access Memory equal to 16 gigabytes. The flash storage is of 512 gigabytes. The model has an Intel Iris Pro and the graphics is the one belonging to the GeForce GT 750 M produced by NVIDIA. All these for the price of 2499 US dollars.

The senior vice-president of Apple Worldwide Marketing says that people enjoy using the MacBooks because they are light and slim. They love them because they have a unique aluminum design, a wonderful Retina display and a long lasting battery and obviously an integrated OS X.

The electronics giant has officially confirmed that its last notebook equipped with an optical drive will not be withdrawn from the markets. The 13 inch MacBook Pro is a bit ticker than the Retina Display versions. This is due to the fact that it has a CD and DVD combo drive. The model also has a screen featuring a much lower resolution.

It was described as a viable option for customers who want to make the shift form personal computers to Mac laptops. This laptop has a quad core processor of the Intel Core i5 type, having 2.5 gigahertz. The Turbo Boost allows the reach of 3.1 gigahertz. The laptop also has a hard drive of 500 gigabytes. It still has a RAM equal to four gigabytes but the price has been lowered with 100 US dollars. Buyers can have with for the price of 1099 US dollars.

Latest News about Samsung Galaxy Note 4

It is sure now that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be here on the 3rd of September 2014. The gadget is going to be announced during the IFA Berlin event. It is not an exaggeration to say that the Galaxy Note 4 is one of the most anticipated gadgets of 2014. Since the release date is drawing closer various information on the gadgets are available and not in the rumor form.

All gadgets in the Note series have wonderful features which attract customers. The Galaxy Note 3 can be labeled as one of the best phablets ever created. Thus, the Galaxy Note 4 is expected to resemble some Si-Fi film gadget. An Indonesian mobile gadgets retailer known as Erafone presented detailed information on the Samsung phablet known as Galaxy Note 4.

However, the list presented the specification near the status “Out of Stock”. In the meanwhile the retailer has taken off the ad. According to the list, the Galaxy Note 4 will have a 5.7 inch display, functioning on the AMOLED technology and having the amazing resolution of 1,440×2,560 pixels.

The gadget will come equipped with two processors. There will be a quad-core Snapdragon 805 processor having a power of 2.5 gigahertz (this is for the SM-N910S model) and the octa-core Exynos 5433 processor characterized by a combination of four Cortex-A53 cores having 1.3 gigahertz and four Cortex A-57 cores. The latter is for the model bearing the number SM-N910C.

Some previous rumors claimed that the new gadget will have between 3 or 4 gigabytes of random access memory. The Indonesian vendor claims that the new Samsung gadget will actually have 4 gigabytes of random access memory. The new device will have a camera of 16 megapixels with rear feature, dual-LED flash and OIS (Optical Image Stabilization). When it comes to storage there will be versions having 16, 32 or 64 gigabytes and there will also be a microSD slot for expanding the memory up to 128 gigabytes.

The connectivity will be assured by Bluetooth v4.0, 2G/3G/4G and by the micro USB v 3.0. The operating system putting the device in motion will be Android KitKat 4.4.3. Unfortunately, there are no information on the battery and its power. But price details are available. It is considered that the new gadget will have the price tag of 813 US dollars. The Korean company has not confirmed the information given so far.

Ce este un difuzor aromaterapie?

Poate v-ati intrebat ce este acel aparat care imprastie un abur in incapere si degaja un mirols placut? L-ati zarit in magazinele chochete din aeroport-uri si v-ati intrebat daca mirosul placut din interior provine de la ele?

Ei bine,ati avut dreptate,acest amarat se numeste difuzor aromaterapie sau umidificator aromaterapie.Practic este un umidificator de camera cu ultrasunete,iar in rezervorul acestuia de apa se adauga cateva picaturi de ulei esential.Acest umidificator de camera v-a uimit intr-un mod placut prin forma lui futurista si prin jocul de lumini care v-a captat atentia?Aveti toate motivele sa va doriti acest aparat,deoarece are foarte multe aplicatii benefice.

Avand lampa de veghe,el poate fi plasat cu usurinta in camera copilului dvs pentru un somn mai linistit si pentru a creste umiditatea din camera copilului dvs. Acest aparat poate fi gasit si sub numele de umidificator camera copii. Singura diferenta intre un umidificator camera si un umidificator camera ecopii ste design-ul. cel pentru copii are forme de personaje din desene animate pentru a anima camera copilului dvs,dar in interior practic este acelasi umidificator.

The Features that the new iPhone 6 should have

Probably the hardest challenge for Apple and its new iPhone 6 will be to level up to the customers’ expectations. The problem is if Apple will be able to top Android, the operating system running on many Motorola, Samsung and HTC gadgets. The high end phone market is no longer without competitors. It has been quite a lot of time since the smart phone market was truly changed by a product. In 2007, Apple managed to create a sensation with its iPhone, but since then all products have been more or less the same. The official presentation of the iPhone 6 is scheduled for the 9th of September 2014.  The new iPhone 6 will have a bigger screen but it should definitely have some other features as well.

Near Field Communication

The Android users have benefited from the NFC technology from some years now. It has offered the users the possibility to send data wirelessly or to pay for items bought. Although lots of Android gadgets have NFC, the technology was not present in the iOS ecosystem. The new iPhone 6 models are said to have incorporated NFC. There are also some rumors of the Apple e-wallet which would give iPhone possessors the chance to pay for various services just by tapping their gadget.

Storage Option of 128 Gigabytes

The expandable storage might still be a dream for phone users. However, there are lots of rumors indicating that Apple is working to produce a base model having a storage space equal to 32 gigabytes. It has also been rumored that Apple is going to present a 128 gigabytes version of the new iPhone 6.

Expandable Storage for iPhone users

The Achilles’ heel for iPhone is its limited storage space.  It is true that users can choose between the 16. 32 or 64 gigabytes versions but the growing size of the applications as well as the high definition content has determined a need for more space. Android gadgets do not have a problem with the storage space due to the micro SD slots, which allow users to expand the storage space to the size they want. The new iPhone 6 might not have this feature as well.

A Standard USB Connector

It is not very difficult to find an Apple lighting cable or an iPod cable. However, the situation might be much easier for possessors of iOS gadgets if Apple opted for a standard USB connector. There are few chances for this change to take place on the US territory. But, Apple might be forced to go for the standard micro-USB connector in order to comply with the EU legislation which entered into force in the month of March.

Customs Keyboard

Back in 2007, the customs keyboard were something really revolutionary when compared to the small button of the Blackberry keyboards. However, as time passed by and smart phones have become more and more sophisticated, customers wanted new keyboards. This led to Swype for gadgets functioning on Android. iPhone user will have the possibility to use customs keyboards when iOS 8 is launched this coming autumn.

An Improved Battery

Battery life is more important than some Si-Fi features. There are high chances for the 5.5 inch model of the iPhone 6 to have a better battery considering the leaked images which presented a 2915 mAh battery. It is believed that the 4.7 mode will be functioning on an 1810 mAh battery.

Sapphire Screen

There are lots of rumors about the new, indestructible screen made of sapphire crystals that will accompany the new Apple gadget. More and more users expressed their desire of having such a glass cover. However, rumors are quite mixed when it comes to the Sapphire Glass. Thus, there are analysts who claim that there are little chances for Apple to use sapphire glass at a very large level due to the high costs of productions. It has also been rumored that the indestructible glass might be used to produce only a limited number of units.

The new iPhone 6 is expected to have a display with higher resolution of about 1704×960 pixels which is definitely and improvement but it cannot rival up with the 1080 full HD resolution offered by Samsung and its Galaxy S products. The new Apple phone is expected to have something new for photo enthusiasts. Thus, it is said that iPhone 6 will come equipped with a 13 megapixels Sony Corp. The new models of the iPhone are said to have a more powerful processor of 2 gigahertz and d random access memory of two gigabytes. For a contract of two year the customers are expected to pay between 199$ and 299$ for the Apple gadgets. The new iPhone 6 models are going to be presented on the 9th of September.

Don’t just get a BlackBerry. Get BlackBerry PGP encrypted services

Android and iPhones have proven to be unreliable when it comes to encryption and data protection. These popular devices have been relatively reduced to the status of toys when it comes to industrial or professional grade protection against espionage at any level. No one knows where the compromise begins and ends with these platforms whose very hardware was born with the idea of giving access to those who demanded it from certain levels.

This is not true with the Blackberry PGP phone. It does not seem to be the concerted target of any known or unknown organizations at the hardware level. Regardless, it still requires strong protection at the software level. This is where Blackberry PGP encryption software comes in.

Governments don’t like this, which is likely part of the foundation of all of the BlackBerry hate. Does BlackBerry come out of the box with this level of encryption, of course No. Also iOs and Android are not able to offer you the same level of security. A special phone service (subscription), and the leader in sales of this technology is a company called TopPGP.com


Protests prevent Apple from using Two Chemicals in Its Products

Apple had to replace two harmful chemicals extant in the composition of its products with some safer alternatives. This has occurred after protests unfolded by various groups concerned with the health of consumers, like Green America and China Labor.

Apple was required to get rid of n-hexane and benzene which were part of the items it produced. These substances are dangerous and poisonous; nonetheless they are utilized in Chinese plants and factories. Apple plants in China are not exception.

In order to put an end to the accusation, the American company has decided to investigate twenty-two of its assembly factories in China. The company has declared that its investigators have found no threatening usage of the two substances in its plants. It also pointed out that the workers’ health was in good conditions. The investigation was done on a number of 500,000 employees.

There were four factories were these substance were found, but in a quite low concentration. Apple decided that there are safer alternatives to the two substances and as a result it decided to ban them from the production. This regulation will enter into force on the 1st of September 2014. Moreover, the company has decided upon a list of substances must not be used by its collaborators.

The association called Green America has asked Apple to be more open when it comes to the chemicals that are used during the manufacturing process of its products. The group has also demanded the American company to set the basis of a trust fund to help workers whose health had been damaged due to the substances used in the Apple products. There have been some protests in front of Apple stores in New York, organized to sensitize the public opinion upon these issues.

Apple has been closely watched over by various groups protecting workers since 2010 when several employees working for Foxconn committed suicide. Apple has done efforts to improve the working conditions. Nonetheless, the watchdogs groups consider that there is more work to be done, especially when it comes to wages and a better labor environment.

Benzene and n-hexane can still be used by Apple suppliers but only before the products are assembled and according to some very strict regulations. In 2009, a number of 137 employees working for a Chinese supplier entered into contact with n-hexane. Then, it 2011 some of them had health problems and asked Apple to pay for their medication.

Amazon Fire Phone – Not the Ideal Shopping Partner

The Amazon Fire Phone was created in order to help shoppers. However, the Firefly scanning feature is more useful when searching for information. Now, the concept of Firefly is pretty smart: it is supposed to help users keep a track of items they see offline and then go on the Amazon website and purchase them.

The Amazon Fire Phone has a side button. This has to be presses while pointing one of the six Amazon cameras towards the bar code or the label of the product. The feature can be used to spot food items, books and even films. The mike can be used to recognize various song and television productions. After the user identifies the item, he/she has to make a swiping movement on the screen in order to find the product on the corresponding Amazon website. A few taps, and the product belongs to the user. The Fire Phone owners also receive an Amazon Prime membership for an entire year, so products are delivered free of charge in just two days.

The Firefly is pretty accurate, though it makes some mistakes. It might get the wrong size of the product or the wrong flavor. The application is more efficient if the user scans the bar code and not the label. But mistakes might occur even so. Thus, such inaccuracies might confuse the buyer and make his/her purchasing decision more difficult. Another problem of the Firefly features is its slowness. A user might have to point the phone’s camera towards a product for several seconds. This might seem pretty suspicious to other customers and to the shop assistants. This might discourage certain phone users. Since most people are not accustomed to the Amazon Fire Phone yet and to its Firefly features, most phone possessors make use of the scanner with discretion, which is not comfortable at all while in a crowded shop.

Plus, buyers can search the web for the prices of the items they want to buy. They do not actually need the Fire phone. Moreover, Amazon has applications functioning on iPhones, Windows Phones and on Android. The versions functioning on Android and iOS phones allow users to scan products in a similar fashion to Firefly.

The Firefly feature is handy for additional information. It functions in connection with IMDB, television databases and some other applications belonging to other companies. The feature can be used to scan restaurant menus, business cards and various items which have QR codes. A user can fins out addresses and phone numbers which might turn out to be pretty useful later on. Songs, films and television programs can be identified by means of the voice recognition technology.

However, the Firefly would be handier if the user did not have to point the phone camera towards various items and products for seconds in a row. It would be better to take a photo of the product and analyze it latter when out of the sight of suspicious vendors. This would also solve the problem of lack of internet when spotting the product in a shop. Moreover, a picture would definitely help the user to identify the item when the application is not capable of finding the suitable match.


Probably the Firefly will be more useful as the technology improves. It could be used to find out more about items in shops and stores.

The US Court Has Decided: Microsoft has to give Its Ireland Data

Microsoft has been asked to give all its customers’ email addresses that were stores on servers located in Ireland. The data must be handed to the US government. This was the decision take by an US judge in the 31st of July 2014, in a case that has created lots of concern among privacy groups as well as important technology enterprises.

Microsoft and some other US based companies were not very pleased when the state prosecutors asked them to hand in the information they has on their customers and which was stored in other countries. The companies claimed that the prosecutors had no right to act as they did and therefore they had taken legal action. However, the US judge Loretta Preska decided that the prosecutors’ warrant corresponded with the laws in force and it gave the legal representatives to right to ask for any data, regardless its storage space.

The judge declare that she would suspend her legal order for a short period of time in order to give Microsoft the chance to make its appeal at the second Circuit Court of Apples belonging to the US. This seems to be the first case in which a company has actually challenges a search warrant emitted by the US authorities.

The entire event took place by having in the background the heated debate on privacy and technology started last year. The entire scandal began when Edward Snowden, a former contractor for the US National Security Agency, made public the US government efforts to gather information about consumers.

Companies like Apple, Verizon or Cisco as well as the privacy group Electronic Frontier Foundation have also send court brief in which they expressed their support and solidarity with Microsoft. All these companies are afraid that they would lose their customers and revenues in favor of foreign competitors. The clients might be driven away if they know that their data can be accessed by US investigators no matter where the data is stored. Brad Smith, the general counsel of Microsoft, declared that the company would definitely make an appeal.

The 31st of July ruling referred to a warrant which was used by the New York prosecutors to search the email addresses stored by Microsoft in Dublin. In April, the warrant was declared as being valid by an US magistrate. It is still unclear why the authorities needed the information on emails. Important US companies like IBM, Microsoft, Cisco and HP said that the entire Snowden affair had caused them profit loses because of the sales decrease on the Chinese territory.

European carriers like Deutsche Telekom or Orange began to pitch local information storage possibilities immediately after the Snowden leaks. While lots of companies, either small or big have tried hard to capitalize.

In the month of August 2013, the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation said that the Snowden affair might cost the American computing industry between twenty-two and thirty-five billion US dollars.

The Supreme Court of the United Stated of America ruled in the month of June that officers working for the police needed a warrant in order to search a suspect’s mobile phone. Numerous American judges were faced with the difficult situation of deciding if prosecutors could use warrants to search email addresses from various providers.

Craig Newman, one of the numerous lawyers interested in the legal aspects concerning the privacy issues, declared that the problem was very far from being solved. The lawyer, who is not at all involved in the case, said that the traditional notions of fourth amendment, search and seizure did not fit very well with the digital world.

The Microsoft lawyer, Joshua Rosenkranz, has said in front of the court that the law does not allow warranted to be put into force in other countries and labelled the request as being a bid for extraordinary power. On the other hand, Serrin Turner, one of the prosecutors working for the office of Preet Bharara in Manhattan, said that their warrant did not gave them the power to perform a search inside Microsoft’s Irish offices. It gave them the right to ask Microsoft to hand over the requested documents.  Preska also said that many US based banks had been asked for a long time to offer their records in case of subpoenas. They were required to do so even if the data was stored in another country.

Joshua Rosenkranz asked the court and the prosecutors what would happen if foreign governments decided to look for data concerning their citizens on the US territory on the basis of some warrants issued by their countries. Preska acknowledged that a scenario as such was scary but she said that she could not take into consideration the possible actions of a country when the interpretation of the law was involved.

Nokia Lumia 635-What Should You Know About It?

The Nokia Lumia 635 is a good acquisition for those who want to try something else. For the price of 168 US dollars phone users can have a nice display with rich colors, a battery that lasts for more than eight hours and an overall good performance. It is true that in order to have this affordable price the producers had to make some concessions like the absence of a front camera and of the rear flash. But buyers will not spend their money in vain, since the phone has high class functionality.

Modern Design

The fact that the Lumia is a budget phone can be seen at a first glance. Most of the Lumia 635 have a white shell made of plastic. It is not as elegant as aluminum but it has the advantage of being functional and easy to hold. The back feels like a case not like some common rear panel.

This can be observed when the user wants to look at the battery. The back of the phone can be removed gently by wedging the fingernail between one sides of the phone and the shell. The cover is removes just by pushing it gently off the upper part of the smart phone.

The phone lacks the complex rear-camera of the Lumia 928, Lumia Icon or Lumia 1020. It has a simple camera with 5 megapixels. The Nokia logo is present having the form of a small circle located in the right corner at the bottom.

The button necessary to adjust the volume and the power are located on the right, but there is no camera phone. But it is not such a big omission considering that many users admitted that they had accidently pressed the button camera of the Lumia 928 and had filled it with dark and blurry snapshots.

The Back, Home and Search buttons are placed in the display. This might be a bit frustrating for users who prefer dedicated button. There is no camera in the front area, a lack that might drive away selfie enthusiasts.

The Lumia 635 is quite thick and heavy when compared with other smart phones. It measures 5.09×2.62×0.36 inches and it weighs 4.72 ounces. It is heavier than Alcatel One Touch Fierce (4.7 ounces) and Alcatel One Touch Evolve (4.8 ounces).

Facts about the 635 Lumia Display

In spite of being a budget phone Lumia has a wonderful display. The panel has 4.5 inches and the colours are extremely rich. Unfortunately, the display has quite a low resolution of 854×480 pixels and the viewing angles are not very wide. The screen has a brightness of 292 lux, below the usual average for smart phones which is 433 lux. However, it managed to surpass the 271 lux of Evolve.

Audio System

The Audio System is not very qualitative. Here, the user can see that he/she is actually dealing with a budget phone. The audio system manages to reach 80 decibels but unfortunately the phone has only one speaker. At maximum volume, the singers’ voices are a bit distorted. The clear snaps as well as the snares actually do not exist, although they are supposed to be there.

The Operating System Windows 8.1

The Windows Phone 8.1 is the operating system that makes the Lumia 635 functional. The upgrades brought a few handy features that look remarkably alike as the ones belonging to Android or iOS. The users have an omnipresent bar for status located at the top which shows information on battery life, available Wi-Fi networks as well as the time of the day. Swipe down the menu and you will gain access to the Microsoft Action Centre- a menu for rapid settings and notifications.

The shorts for the Action Centre can be customized with the help of the Settings menu. Thus, the user can have rapid access to plane mode, rotation lock and location. If the Back button is pressed for long, it presents all the applications that are opened at the time.

Lumia 635 Keyboard

The Lumia 635 is equipped with the word-tracing software that the other Windows Phones lacked. The Word Flow functions perfectly and it produces a blue line as the users drags his/her finger from one letter to another. The word prediction feature functions pretty and the word suggestions are quite accurate.

Let’s talk about Cortana!

With the Lumia 635, Windows has decided to introduce the digital assistant to its phones. Cortana help users and can even answer some of their questions. It’s nice and it is definitely a fun feature. Cortana can answer questions like which team won the Mets game or who is the current US secretary of the state. The answers are fast and more important correct. Obviously, more complicated questions like who is Emmett Till receive no answer from Cortana but there is always the web. Here Maps and Cortana can help users find their way in a crowded city or in a small town. It provides walking directions and traffic information.

The Application Store

Unfortunately, Microsoft has quite a small application store which offers around 240,000 applications. This is quite a low figure when compared with the one million applications to be found in Google Play and Apple Applications Store.

Not only the number, but also the quality of the applications is a problem for Windows. Thus, its store is missing extremely popular applications like YouTube and Snapchat. Tinder does not exist on Windows Phones and Instagram is available but only as a beta. Nonetheless, there has been made some progress with the Facebook, Roku, Uber and WhatsApp applications.

Applications available on Lumia 635

Both Nokia and T-Mobile have worked hard to solve the lack of applications with their own software. Nokia Drive offers users precise GPS navigation while HERE maps is excellent for pedestrians.

Nokia has produced its own version of Slacker, the Mix Radio, for music fans. The users can listen to the radio stations on the list or they can enjoy the mixes made by worldwide music experts. Mixes can also be downloaded for being used offline.

T-Mobile has created the My Account application which offers users important information on their accounts. There is also a TV application for people who do not want to miss their favourite shows and TV series. There is also the 3.99 US dollars service called Name ID, similar to the caller ID. This service shows the callers names even if they are no mentioned in the user’s contact list.

Performance Report

The Nokia Lumia 635 has a 1.2 gigahertz quad-core of the Snapdragon 400 type. Its Random Access Memory is of 512 MB. Thus, the phone is deceptively powerful. Swiping on the home screen and the applications opening is quite swift. The gaming performance is quite smooth but the too loose control of tilts might determine the users to tilt the smart phone to some extreme and unusual angles when playing.

The WP Bench benchmark used to measure phone overall performance the Lumia 635 has managed to reach a score of 262.26.  This is better than the Lumia 531, which has had a score of 178.08.

The Lumia 635 has storage of eight gigabytes and it also has micro SD which can be used in order to expand the storage capacity to 128 gigabytes.

Lumia 635 Camera and Camcorder

The Lumia 635 has a five megapixel camera, which cannot provide users with too many details and the colours might be a bit strange (either too vivid or too pale). The camera functions pretty well in closed spaces and can use the minimal light room to take nice and decent photographs. Unfortunately, there is no flash so the quality of indoor photos is limited. The video camera functions better and the videos are more qualitative than the photos.

The camera applications can be used for numerous manual controls and there is a nice radial interface which has different slides. White balance and shutter speed are only two of the settings that can be used. There are also tutorials for beginners. The gif-tastic Nokia Cinemagraph is present as well. The application allows users to shoot a video and then decide which parts should be motionless and which should be animated. There is also the Creative Studio with its eight photo filters.

The Glam Me is a very interesting application which has definitely been created for selfie fans. It has the capacity to smooth in an automatic manner the skin tones and to remove blemishes. There are also the editing tools which can be used in order to change photos even more. The eyes can be enlarged or shrunk and the face can even be slimmed down. But since there is no front camera the users have to use the rear shooter in order to take the photos of them. Fortunately, Glam Me has an auto-selfie mode which can detect a face positioned in front of the camera. The beeps emitted by the phone announce users that it is all right to take their picture.

Battery Life

One of the pluses of the Nokia Lumia 635 is its long lasting 1830 aAH battery. A user can browse the web, watch videos, edit photos, send emails, surf the net and talk for more than eight hours without having a dead battery on the course. The battery loses its energy after nine hours or so. Better than the 7:43 hours for a common smart phone.

Wi-Fi on Lumia 635

Wi-Fi calling is available on Lumia 635. Users can receive or sent the calls they want by means of Wi-Fi without experiencing any problems. But, if the user moves farther from the source, he/she might hear a signal that the call is about to be lost.

Final Review

The lack of the front camera and of the back flash definitely make the Lumia lose a few points but the price of 168 US dollars definitely gives it a few pluses. The Lumia offers its users a smooth performance, a powerful battery and a very nice display. It is true that the five megapixel camera is not something very special but there are a lot of camera applications to compensate this shortcoming.